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Memorial Design

All of our Memorials, after the confirmation of order stage, start off as full size paper layouts.Clean Slab

Angie Paper LayoutThey are sent by post, but not until the blank memorial has been delivered to us, which can take up to 12 weeks.

The bespoke designs created are hand drawn onto full size paper layouts, which accompany the suggested inscriptions and are sent to all of our clients.

These paper layouts enable the immediate and wider family members a chance to see the designed memorial layout before any stone engraving begins.

Angi PaperA returned signed and dated layout is kept until needed.

The drawings are then cut off, traced and cut out onto stencil tape using fine craft blades.

Using a grit shaded technique the image is transformed onto the polished granite surface, the design is then hand painted.
Each memorial is different and is designed to be a unique, lasting memorial tribute to the person it is dedicated to.

Angi MemorialCare and expertise is used throughout the complete process to achieve as higher quality memorial as possible, something I pride myself upon.

As I work alone with noisy machinery it can mean that phone calls may go unanswered at times so please be patient, leave a message and your call will be returned if needed.

It is important to understand and appreciate, that the whole process from start to finish can take time.

I pride myself with my attention to detail, so I will never speed things up to meet dates that comprise the quality of the finished memorial.